Cliffhanger - dug out alive! 1993-2001 - Cliffhanger (band) - Dug Out Alive! 1993-2001 (2of2.

Back in the past, teenage Randall (Niles Fitch) persuaded his Ivy-focused father, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) to take him on a visit to Howard University, where the adopted African-American son was immediately activated by a culture he’d largely not experienced. It was also in our nation’s capital that Randall connected with his roots in a different way — connecting profoundly with his father at the Vietnam War memorial, where Jack opened up in ways that he hadn’t, even to his wife, Rebecca (Mandy Moore). “Number Three” concluded with the ’90s-era of the family assembled together in the living room, but it was a house divided in the present: a disillusioned Tess (Eris Baker) ran away from home and hid in the backseat of Kevin’s car, and soon after, a surprised and intoxicated Kevin (Justin Hartley) was pulled over and arrested for DUI. How did Randall and Beth, in a panic over their missing daughter, handle this news? The phrase “I’ll kill him!” was uttered.

Writing this review will be a trip on memory lane for me... and what a trip! As a complete surprise I found this “Dug Out Alive” album in my mailbox. Cliffhanger was in the years 1993-2001 the best progressive band in The Netherlands. You have to highlight the word progressive. The band was known for their unique sound and making music without any concessions. In those early days the band completely blown me away with their first two studio albums “Cold Steel” (1995) and “Not to be or Not to be!” (1996). The unique sound of the band was created by the use of vintage keyboard sounds, Moog Taurus II bass pedals and Rickenbacker bass guitar. Writing this review while I'm listening to the live recording “Live at the Boerderij” (1995) I already float away on that memory lane. The driving force behind this album is keyboard player Dick Heijboer. In the booklet Dick wrote these words as an introduction;

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Cliffhanger - Dug Out Alive! 1993-2001Cliffhanger - Dug Out Alive! 1993-2001Cliffhanger - Dug Out Alive! 1993-2001Cliffhanger - Dug Out Alive! 1993-2001