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Garrett (AKA Master Thief ) is the protagonist of Thief , a professional and highly accomplished criminal operating within the walls of the City. An enigmatic figure who uses his enormous talents for larceny for own personal gain, he has gained an unparalleled reputation that has earned him the title 'Master Thief' throughout the City and The Watch .

no. the hand is proximal to the right wrist while the elbow (not sure of its medical term) area is distal to the wrist. we are comparing two direct parts. we do not care about using the center of the body (trunk) as part of the comparison. regarding the quote, it basically says that the patient’s right hand is close to the wrist while it is far from the shoulder. that’s all.

Distant Fragment - Primal EPDistant Fragment - Primal EPDistant Fragment - Primal EPDistant Fragment - Primal EP