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Corrupt county commissioner Jefferson Davis (.) "Boss" Hogg, who either runs or has fingers in virtually everything in Hazzard County, is forever angry with the Dukes, especially Bo and Luke, for always foiling his crooked schemes. He is always looking for ways to get them out of the picture so that his plots have a chance of succeeding. Many episodes revolve around Hogg trying to engage in an illegal scheme, sometimes with aid of hired criminal help. Some of these are get-rich-quick schemes , though many others affect the financial security of the Duke farm, which Hogg has long wanted to acquire for various reasons. Other times, Hogg hires criminals from out of town to do his dirty work for him, and often tries to frame Bo and Luke for various crimes as part of these plots. Bo and Luke always seem to stumble over Hogg's latest scheme, sometimes by curiosity, and often by sheer luck, and put it out of business. Despite the Dukes often coming to his rescue (see below), Hogg forever seems to have an irrational dislike of the clan, particularly Bo and Luke, often accusing them of spying on him, robbing or planning to rob him, and other supposedly nefarious actions, as he believes they are generally out to get him.

When Boss Hogg learns that a state investigator is on his way to Hazzard to check out a claim of an illegal casino, he shifts the blame to the Duke family. But just as the Dukes are being formally charged, Boss sits on a syringe filled with truth serum. Boss lets slip the truth, and his cronies are none too pleased, forcing Bo and Luke to ride to Boss' rescue. Written by Brian Rathjen <[email protected]>

The Dukes Of Nothing - War & WineThe Dukes Of Nothing - War & WineThe Dukes Of Nothing - War & WineThe Dukes Of Nothing - War & Wine