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The Behemoth's personality is very similar to Mucor and the Rock Troll before hand, he is dumb and not very bright, he often say's " me" in his lines, but when told of the plan by his master Imperious, he does take his job seriously.

Actually a 2 part episode. Part 1 Nick's father has returned, and is helping Nick train. The source of evil decides it's time to attack, and possesses Nick. The Rangers go to a village that's been ...

Power Rangers Mystic Force is the first and only Disney -produced Power Rangers series to feature the main villain in its Super Sentai counterpart, and is the first of the Disney-produced Power Rangers series in which all the actors playing the five core Rangers are of Australian or New Zealander descent (the casts of the three Disney-produced Power Rangers series prior to Mystic Force had at least one Ranger actor of North American descent). This is also the second Power Rangers season not have an African American ranger similar to Ninja Storm and the change of actors from North American to Australian or New Zealander descent.

Mystic-Force - Take CommandMystic-Force - Take CommandMystic-Force - Take CommandMystic-Force - Take Command